Alom, science educator and writer

To validate our scientific approach in our online content, our on-site activities with children and our games, we called on scientists and researchers from different backgrounds.

We also asked them to tell us their motivations and their daily lives in the hope of arousing the curiosity of all the little budding scientists.

I am

I was born in Bangladesh and I grew up in London where I still live with my family.

I am a part-time science teacher who also works as a writer and film-maker.

I have a deep interest in science education and have produced and presented a series of teacher training films. As well as being a contributing editor for New Humanist Magazine, I have written for print and online publications including The Guardian, The Times, and The Independent. I have extensive experience of making complex ideas accessible to wide audiences and have written, produced, directed and presented a number of science related videos and TV programmes. I write on a wide range of topics but have recently focussed on issues relating to science education, humanism, and atheism. I have done some TV presenting and am an experienced public speaker who has taken part in book festivals, science festivals, and education conferences.

You can find more information about me on my website

I explain

I explain … how to play and learn experimenting with simple laws of nature.

I have spent most of my professional life sharing my passion for science and education with the public.

I tell

I am author of The Young Atheist’s Handbook, and of Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder

I have also represented my community as an elected politician and volunteered at a range of charitable organisations.

I have

A long-term relationship with the Royal Institution. I first met Professor Frank James who taught me about Michael Faraday and electromagnetism.

I recently developed with the Royal Institution Experimental, a series of videos exploring science at home.

I know

“about Michael Faraday a chemist and physicist who invented electromagnetic rotary devices that were vital in the creation of electric motors and played a key role in the development of electricity for use in technology.

He also formed the basis of the electromagnetic field concept in physics discovered the laws of electrolysis.

I do

I do parenting, teaching, science writing, and filmmaking.
I have produced, directed, and appeared in a number of television programmes for broadcasters such as the BBC.

I love Science ! I teach it, I write about it, I develop it into films

I support