What is it?

An atmosphere is a layer of gases surrounding a planet.

It has many advantages:

  • It acts as a shield against meteorites and other spacial debris / leftovers.
  • It protects against sunrays.
  • It regulates and determines planets’ daytime and night-time temperatures.
  • It contains greenhouse gases regulating solar energy (heat)

The atmosphere of the Earth

Our atmosphere’s advantages :

  • It contains the air we breathe
  • It stocks water vapour (steam) that will become clouds, rain and snow
  • With its balanced greenhouse gases level, our atmosphere enables life on Earth

It is therefore vital to keep this balance right : not too hot not too cold

Scientific specialities

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Study and short-term forecast of atmospheric phenomena (sunshine, temperature, humidity). Prevention of natural disasters (floods, drought).


Analysis of the atmosphere’s long-term average meteorological conditions.
Study of the greenhouse effects on the Earth’s temperatures.


Analysis of the interaction between climatic zones and ecosystems. Study of the global climate’s impact on the development and evolution of all living organisms.


Reconstitution of geological eras’ climatic zones and global climate. Analysis of their variations to predict the global climate’s future.


Study of geological eras’ storms and cyclones through micro-fossils and sediments. This science reinforces the prediction of present and future extreme weather.


Study of the impact of solar radiation on the upper layers of the atmosphere of the Earth, and on other planets such as Mars, Venus and Jupiter or moons such as Io and Titan.