What is it?

It is all the water found on planet Earth, in all its forms.

  • As a gas, like water vapour in the air.
  • As a solid, like snow in the polar regions.
  • As a liquid, like oceans, rivers, subterranean waters as well as the water in our bodies.

Water covers almost three-quarters of our planet. That’s why we call it the “blue” planet even though water only actually represents a tiny proportion of its mass.

Did you know?
When you take a shower, you maybe use the water that has been drunk by a dinosaur 65 million years ago. Indeed, there is no new water. Since the beginning of times, it is the same water that is in perpetual movement (the water cycle)

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Scientific specialities

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Study of the composition, the dynamics and the ecosystems of the oceans and seas.
Protection of marine animals and oceanic environments.


Science of the water cycle. Control and protection of the quality of water.

Research of innovative solutions to reduce flooding and pollution.


Science of subterranean waters and their circulation within soil and rock.

Study of subterranean water catchment, renewal and preservation.


Hydrology of the water cycle throughout geological eras.

Analysis of the soils past erosion and deposition.

Modelling the evolution of the water cycle.


Science of the impact of climate on water, on its cycle and distribution.

Study of drought and floods to anticipate them and minimise their consequences.


Study of freshwater in rivers, lakes, ponds and all continental waters.

Analysis of their ecosystems and how they are affected by pollution and climate change.