What is it?

Our planet is an enormous magnet made of iron which is located mainly in its inner core. It is surrounded by a magnetic field acting as a shield which protects it from harmful cosmic rays. This magnetic field is also a compass for animals (birds, turtles, dolphins, bees, etc).

Did you know?

The magnetic shield is less efficient at the north and south extremities of the Earth. The solar particles enter the Earth’s atmosphere from the two poles and come into contact with oxygen in the air. This “encounter” is what causes northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in the North Pole and southern lights (Aurora Australis) in the South Pole. Oxygen starts to shine, showing colours like red and green.

Scientific specialities

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Study of the interaction between electricity and magnetism.

It is used in many of today’s modern technology such as domestic appliances, radars and computers.


Analysis of our planet’s magnetic phenomena.

Understanding of the Earth’s magnetic shield and poles.

Study of the evolution and characteristics of their sources.


Physics of the formation and evolution of the planets, stars, galaxies, interstellar and intergalactic environments.

It is a branch of astronomy.

Quantum Mechanics

Science of waves, atoms, subatomic and elementary particles.

Everything is a wave and particles at the same time: light is a wave and particles (photons).


Geomagnetism in different geological eras through the analysis of sediments, volcanoes and tectonic plates.

Research on the Earth’s geomagnetic pole reversal.


Seismology of our sun and impact of the wind and solar storms on our planet.

Study and prediction of solar eruptions like in 1859 and 1989.

It is a branch of astrophysics.