Workshops & Community Projects

Learn about the Science of Sustainable Development

We offer to explore Sustainable Development based on a solution-focused educational methodology Earth System Science Education™.

We will enable children and adults to learn about climate, biodiversity, global citizenship and healthy living. They will be given keys to understand our planet. They will measure the impact of their choices on society and the environment. They will be empowered to become change-makers.

We offer workshops for Children aged 4 to 11 years old, and also for Adults.

Children Workshops

Work with Schools and Children

  • For children Aged 4 to 11 years old
  • Content is adapted according to the year group Reception, KS1 and KS2
  • Supplement and enrich the British National Primary Curriculum

STEAM Workshops

STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics

Children investigate a natural phenomenon based on art activities and hands-on scientific experiments. Certificates are awarded to each child to encourage scientific vocation.

Available STEAM Workshops

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Community Projects

Bring the whole school and families together to accomplish a meaningful challenge for a long-lasting and constructive effect.

All our Community Projects include STEAM Workshops.

Available Community Projects

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Adults Workshops

Work with Adults, Universities and Companies

We provide conferences and workshops for Young Adults and Adults
Please for reference, check out the case study Teaching at the European Business School


Available Presentations and Public Talks

  • Introduction to Sustainable Development
  • Wellbeing, Consumption and the Environment
  • Circular Economy

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Available Workshops

  • Healthy and Sustainable Food
  • Create your sustainable entreprise
  • Circular Economy

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Educational Benefits

Our STEAM Workshops and Community Projects will benefit pupils’ knowledge and your school’s outreach, focusing on :

Understanding the Earth

Knowledge of the world

Learners acquire through critical thinking some knowledge such as Earth’s biochemical cycles and are introduced to local, national and worldwide challenges.

Global Citizenship

Socio-emotional skills

Learners improve socio-emotional skills by developing a sense of belonging to a common humanity, nourishing empathy and solidarity for others while respecting our differences and becoming resourceful world citizens.


Creative skills

Learners gain creative skills as their curiosity and imagination will be stimulated. They will develop associative thinking and problem solving abilities.


Change behaviour

Learners develop their behavioural skills through a more responsible lifestyle, promoting change locally.