• Crab Game

Crab Game

Aim of the game

This is our version of Old Maid. The aim of the game is to pair cards by colour, avoid ending with the Crab Joker card card in your hands.

Before you start

  • 5 years old +
  • 3 to 6 players
  • Play with the 42 Speciality Cards (so there are 3 matching pairs per specialty) + the crab joker card

How to play

  1. Shuffle and deal out all the cards.
  2. Players remove all the colour matching pairs from their hands and place them face up on the table.
  3. A player begins the game by offering their fanned out cards face down towards the person on their left.
  4. That person selects a card and adds it to theirs.
  5. If the card matches a card they hold, they can pair them and place the pair with the others on the table. If the card does not match any other, the player keeps it.
  6. The player that just picked a card now repeat step 2 with player on their left.The game continues until all pairs have been matched. The player who is left with the Crab card loses the game.

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