• Mme Allotey

Mme Allotey

Modern Foreign Languages Coordinator

St Mary Magdalene Secondary School

About our 7 SPHERES® scientific card game

« As a teacher, it was fascinating to see a group of Year 8 students from St Mary Magdalene School, a Secondary school located in Greenwich, had an amazing experience and enjoyed the whole process of 7 SPHERES® game as it has educational and pedagogical benefits for our future generation, encourages congenial play and developing counting, sorting and matching skills, as well as literacy.

It was fantastic to see my Year 8 students developing their memory and communication skills but still have fun whilst playing together.

My students did a lot of exploring during the game so it was a great way to keep all players attentive to the game even when it was not their turn.

They all had an interest in every card revealed, so in the strategic thinking department, 7 SPHERES® is actually a great way to help kids develop and strengthen this ability.

7 SPHERES® has earned a prominent spot on our game shelf where it’s super easy to pull out and play. It’s going to be played a bunch for years to come!

Thanks Amell for a wonderful class game! »

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