• Bacteria my friends

Bacteria my friends

CASE STUDY - Change Behaviour Campaign

Healthy and Sustainable Food

Plant-rich diet and responsible consumption

MAINTENANT Sustaining Now ran a series of events with the children, parents and teachers of La Fontaine Academy Primary School on food consumption, and the benefits of a plant-rich diet.

The PBL (Project Based Learning) Community Initiative brought the school and its community together along with French scientists from the prestigious AgroSup (National Superior Institute of Agronomic Sciences, Food and the Environment) and the Food Technology enterprise Atelier du Fruit.

Together, we ran 10 STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics) Workshops where the children learned about microbiology and fermentation. This campaign included a Parents and Carers information session, and culminated with a final event for the whole school during the Summer Fair.

Why having a plant-rich diet

Throughout history our diet has evolved, and now considering our sedentary lifestyle, along with the latest findings on how our body works and our symbiotic relationship with the bacterial world, we are about to experience an important shift in the way we feed. This change must happen quickly as our current diet puts tremendous pressure on our health and on the environment.

A plant-rich diet is better for our health and involves farming that is more respectful of the environment. It can consume fewer natural resources, contribute to a slow down in global warming and supports animal welfare.

Campaign Benefits

  • Explore the microbial world
  • Learn about good bacteria such as probiotics
  • Discover fermentation processes
  • Arouse curiosity about food production and consumption
  • Develop awareness of livestock farming
  • Nurture a taste for healthy diets
  • Promote home cooking
  • Encourage scientific vocations such as microbiology or agronomy

Project Summary

ClientLa Fontaine Academy Primary School
LocationBromley, Kent
DateJune and July 2018
Format10 STEAM workshops
1 Parents Meeting
School Summer Fair
LevelEarly Years, KS1, KS2
From 4 to 10 years old
ClassFrom Reception to Year 5
Whole school (10 classes)

Tags: Bacteria my friends, Food campaign, Case study, Microbiology, Biosphere, Plant rich diet

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