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The Scolfield Family

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About our 7 SPHERES® scientific card game

« This is a card game for the whole family from 7+ and teaches you about the climate and the earth’s system. The cards are grouped into seven spheres, Hydrosphere, Cryosphere, Lithosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere, Magnetosphere and Technosphere.

The goal is to collect as many spheres as possible with a complete set of Speciality cards by asking your opponents for a particular card. If the opponent doesn’t have the requested card, the player must pick up a card from the left-over stack. When you have all six speciality cards for a sphere you place the complete set in front of you. The player who has the most complete sets of spheres wins the game.

There are different ways to play the game with younger children or a riddle game where you get points for guessing a spheres name. The cards are a great, fun way for children to learn the science of the Earths system and improves their memory as after a few games they could recall the facts from the cards. »

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