Junior Junction

Junior Junction

Children Networking Club

Introduce the idea of creating value through networking and making new connections

Business Junction London’s leading independent business network, is widely known for connecting thousands of companies since 2001. They are firm believers that every company has a responsibility to the environment and the planet, and to their employees and communities, to create a new way of working together for a better society. 

In 2019 Business Junction launched Junior Junction for the next generation. Informal, fun and informative events see children and young people coming together at exciting venues such as the London Transport Museum. 

Junior Junctioneers get to experience the valuable and diverse outcomes of meeting and connecting with children they have not meet before, and building new friendships. Through these experiences, children start to understand the value of becoming more informed, creating and identifying new opportunities, and recognising the importance of a more inclusive society. 

Junior Junction is proud to be sponsoring the DIVERSITY DECK® Cryosphere Funbook!

For more information, please visit our website Business Junction

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