Home-schooling educational resources

We have decided as an educational enterprise to release our compelling educational content for free for the rest of the year. You just need to register to access it. Please use the menu on the left-hand side to navigate through our activities.

There are a range of activities suitable for 4 years old and upwards, offering a wide range of cross curricular project-based material on Sustainability Science, which provide opportunities for in depth study and reinforcement of concepts which are covered throughout primary school. All of our resource packs correspond to one of our 16 DIVERSITY DECK® card games which will reinforce key facts and generate a thoughtful and inquisitive mind in a playful way.

Why use MAINTENANT Sustaining Now resources?

  1. Equip children with the knowledge they need to understand the future challenges we face around issues of global sustainability.
  2. Our resources have been designed with homeschooling and schools in mind to develop a well rounded and deep understanding of Planet Earth and promote sustainability science and STEM in primary aged children.
  3. Our resources can be used alongside our DIVERSITY DECK® card games which provide a fun and entertaining way of learning and interacting with our online content!

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