• Photographer > Jo Caplio

Photographer > Jo Caplio

Wo am I?

I am a photographer, I especially love taking pictures of animals as I kept a child’s soul. Through photography, I like discovering their diversity and specificities.

Animal photography requires a lot of patience and discretion to approach them without scaring them, swiftness too so I can catch the right moment, especially with birds.

Being a photographer has made me more attentive to details, to colours, to light. I appreciate nature much more.

I also enjoy macrophotography of insects because each time I discover features and characteristics we can’t see with the naked eye, like pollen transported by the bees. It has enabled me to love insects and not to be afraid of them anymore.

Photography arouses my curiosity and makes me want to read books about the way animals and insects live their lives and “do their things”.

When I take pictures, I feel connected to nature and lose my sense of time. I take full advantage of the moment. It brings me peace.

Photography is learning to take the time to appreciate nature’s beauty, looking at the world differently. And that’s what I try to share through my photography.

Company’s photos copyrighted as jocaplio are kindly provided by Jo Caplio.

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