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Book Lover and Budding Chef

Healthy and sustainable food

From a very young age, Mïessa has been fascinated by food and cooking and could separate an egg at the age of 2!

As a future career, Mïessa aspires to be a Food Critic and a Chef. She regularly makes up her own recipes and even cooks for her parents’ family and friends. “Me and my cousin once made meringues using the water from a can of chickpeas. They were really good… and gone in 2 days!”

Supporting locally grown produce and visiting farms is a great way to reduce your Carbon Footprint and help your local community. They also have some of the freshest and most delicious food too. “I really enjoyed visiting Riverford Farm (in Devon) and they had the most amazing cakes there!”

Sustainable cooking and food waste is also very important to her, so much so that she has created her own ‘Left-Over Cookbook’. One of her favourite recipes is ‘Mïessa's Leftover Chicken Pie’ which is a fabulous way of using up any leftovers you may have from a roast dinner.

Mïessa’s Leftover Chicken Pie

- Leftover Chicken (e.g. from a Sunday Roast)
- Leftover Vegetables (not potatoes)
- 2 carrots
- 1 box of mushrooms
- 1 onion
- A stock cube or gravy
- Tablespoon of Cornflour
- Puff Pastry (can be homemade or shop bought)
- 1 egg for egg wash
- 50g of Cream Cheese
- 2 Parsnips (optional as Miessa hates them!)
- Thyme (optional)

- Preheat the oven to 180°C
- Roll out the pastry
- In a saucepan mix cream cheese, stock and cornflour and cook until thick
- Heat up the vegetables and chicken
- Mix with the cream cheese mixture and thyme
- Put in the dish, add the pastry on top, spread on the egg wash bake until golden brown!

As a fun and interesting way to educate people about healthy food she has even created her own card game. Each player must create a dish using cards given at random, each card having a different amount of points depending on the health of the food. The healthier the dish, the higher the points!

When not cooking you will usually find Mïessa busy reading, with some of her favourites including ‘The Baby-Sitters Club' and the ‘Harry Potter' series.

Her last sustainable message to everyone is: “Remember to turn off lights when not in use!"

A healthy and clever way to use up any peels! A picture taken from page 8 of “Miessa’s Leftover Cookbook”

Mïessa’s favourites

Favourite sphere “The biosphere.”
Favourite card game “Endangered animals.”
Favourite animal “Tiger.”
Favourite hobbies “ Cooking, Reading, Football and Cycling.”
Favourite school subject “Art.”

Goal 1 - No Poverty Goal 2 - Zero Hunger Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-Being Goal 4 - Quality Education Goal 5 - Gender Equality Goal 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation Goal 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production Goal 13 - Climate Action Goal 14 - Life Below Water Goal 15 - Life on Land Goal 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Goal 17 - Partnerships

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