• Anna Strand

Anna Strand

Operations Director

I was born and grew up in Sweden. Sweden is renowned for its ability to recycle and reuse waste and I grew up taking plastic bottles and cans back to the shop for a bit of pocket money and recycling was and still is a part of everyday life. My parents currently have 9 different compartments in their bin!
I moved to London with a plan to stay one year and work and then go back to Sweden and university. I then meet my husband and I have stayed in London ever since.I got a job at the head office of one of the largest retailers in the UK. I worked in the events department and also in the food and innovation centre for almost 10 years, but I then decided it was time to move on.
The work that MAINTENANT Sustaining Now does is truly important and I love my job, I am learning something new every day.
I cannot wait to see what the future brings for this company as the passion that goes into the business undoubtedly reflets the quality of the products being produced.

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