The Revolutionary Sports and Leisure app

EarlyBeep is a marketplace which connects people for sport and leisure activities. It’s an app which lets anyone create, publish and host activities in the main fields of sport, leisure and social responsibility.

EarlyBeep and MAINTENANT Sustaining Now are partnering as they share many common principles on education and sustainability.

For further information, please visit their website EarlyBeep.com

EarlyBeep’s DNA

Education for kids and adults

We are fascinated about our kids and we want that they grew up by being active, not sitting behind a screen all day. With EarlyBeep we use all the technology existing to drive them to an active, fun lifestyle. We will show them that sport and a social responsibility is part of a daily routine.

Social responsibility

A positive impact on society, locally and globally. A change of mindset starting with any user. We focus on health, fitness, fellowship, being there for others, helping others out, using our skills to help others grow.


We are helping to develop a healthier world and a healthier environment. Our Professionals are ambassadors of their sports with a strong focus on sustainability. All activities we do are run with the focus that future generations will be able to have the same opportunities as ourselves. Any user can report hosts which are violating sustainability rules. We have built in a kind of gamification engine where hosts and participants get experience points added or subtracted based on behaviour.

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