• Happy Families

Happy Families

Aim of the game

The goal of this 7 SPHERES game is to collect as many Spheres (“families”) as possible with their complete set of Speciality Cards.

Before you start

  • 5 years old +
  • 3 to 6 players
  • For this game you only need the 42 Speciality cards.

How to play

    1. Shuffle the cards and deal 7 cards to each player.
    2. Make a stack with the remaining cards.
    3. The first player selects an opponent and asks them for a particular card, such as: 

      “In the Cryosphere, I would like Glaciology”

      Or for younger children:

      "I would like the card B4"

    4. The player can only request a card if they already have a card in that Sphere.
    5. If the opponent has the requested card then they give it to the player, if not, the player picks up a card from the stack.
    6. If the card the player takes from the stack is the card they requested the player says “Good Catch” and plays again. Otherwise, it is the turn of the next player on the right.
    7. A card given to a player can only be requested by the opponent after two further rounds.
    8. When a player has all 6 Speciality Cards for a Sphere they place the completed set in front of them. The game continues even when there are no more cards left in the stack.
    9. The player who has the most completed Spheres wins!



      • Use the 5 Jokers. Jokers can be played whenever a player asks for a card.

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