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Higher Education

Overview of our higher education programme

Available Presentations, Conferences and Workshops

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Example of courses:

Environmental science foundation

  1. Ecosystem services
  2. ESV – Ecosystem Services valuation
  3. Biocapacity
  4. Ecological footprint
  5. Overshoot day
  6. Planetary boundaries (Rockström)
  7. Case study: Aral Sea
  8. Sustainable Development
  9. Workshop 1 – Earth System Science

Sustainability and circular economy

  1. Anthropocene Era
  2. UN Global Goals
  3. Project Drawdown
  4. Corporate responsibility
  5. Workshop 2 – Create a sustainable start-up
  6. Innovative business models
  7. Circular economy
  8. Circularity opportunities
  9. Circularity strategies
  10. Workshop 3 – Circular product conception



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