MAINTENANT Sustaining Now

Our workshops and games provide children and adults with the keys to understand today and tomorrow’s challenges such as Earth’s climate, biodiversity conservation, circular economy or healthy food and living. They will have a better understanding of the world. They will measure the impact of their choices on the society and the environment. They will be empowered to become change-makers.

Diversity Deck™

4 years+
Play and learn about the world around
6 themes to explore



7 years+
Card and reading game
Illustrating 42 Science Specialities

Inspiring People 32 cards   £9
Inspiring People 2 32 cards   £9
Hydrosphere 32 cards   £9
Hydrosphere 2 38 cards   £10
Inner Planets 38 cards   £10
Polar Animals 38 cards   £10
Earth’s Spheres 45 cards   £11
Bacteria my friends 45 cards   £11

English and French versions available