MAINTENANT Sustaining Now has released a card game for the whole family in English and in French.

It is an improved “happy families” game based on our inhouse educational method, Earth System Science Education™

This game is also a book that will arouse the curiosity of little and big people, while getting them acquainted with scientific concepts related to sustainable development. It allows a better understanding of the environmental issues facing our generations.

The cards in this game tell the story, geography and physics of the Earth. With their rich texts and educational illustrations, they open up the horizon for today’s and tomorrow’s scientific specialties.

This game has rules with different levels of difficulty so all family members and friends from the age of 5 can play.

Your feedback is important to us… If you’ve played the game, please help us improve it by filling in this online survey.

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5 years old +
2 to 6 players

Card game for the whole family

  • Learn about Earth System Science
  • Use your memory
  • Be strategic
  • Have fun

There are 60 cards in total

6 information cards:

  • 1 card introducing the game
  • 1 card introducing the concept of “7 Spheres”
  • 3 cards with the rules of the game
  • 1 card about our support to the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development

54 playing cards:

  • 7 Sphere Cards
  • 42 Speciality Cards
  • 5 Jokers

The main playing cards are grouped into 7 Spheres each with:

  • 1 Sphere Card (7 cards in total)
  • 6 Speciality Cards (42 cards in total)

Happy Families game

The goal of this game is to collect as many Spheres as possible with their complete set of Speciality Cards.

Take the 42 Speciality Cards.
Shuffle the cards and deal 7 cards to each player.
Make a stack with the remaining cards.

The first player selects an opponent and asks them for a particular card, such as:

“In the Cryosphere, I would like Glaciology”

The player can only request a card if they already have a card in that Sphere.

If the opponent has the requested card then they give it to the player, if not, the player picks up a card from the stack.

If the card the player takes from the stack is the card they requested the player says “Good Catch” and plays again.

Otherwise, it is the turn of the next player on the right.

A card given to a player can only be requested by the opponent after two further rounds.

When a player has all 6 Speciality Cards for a Sphere they place the completed set in front of them.

The game continues even when there are no more cards left in the stack.

The player who has the most completed set of Spheres wins!

Variant for younger children

Children can name the cards by their reference (letter + number) appearing at the top of the cards:

“I would like the card B4”

Variant with the 5 Jokers

Jokers allow the players to be more strategic.
Jokers can be played whenever a player asks for a card.

Riddle game

The goal of this game is to be the first player to reach 100 points.

In this game we need 49 cards:

  • the 42 Speciality Cards
  • the 7 Sphere Cards

Shuffle the cards and place them in a stack in the centre.

The first player takes the card on top of the stack and reads its definition to the person on their right.

The person obtains 5 points if they guess the Sphere’s name, and 15 points if they guess the Speciality’s name.

The first player to reach 100 points wins.

Snap and other games

2 variants of snap
You can use these cards to play snap based on the colours or on the numbers.
The player with all the cards wins.

Memory game

You can also play a memory game where you need to find all 6 Speciality Cards of the same sphere!


This Earth System Science card game was made thanks to the collaboration of several domain experts, amongst which:

This card game has been printed locally on recycled non-bleached paper by T&C Printers

The 7 Spheres of our educational method Earth System Science Education™ are: