• Science Outreach Scheme

Science Outreach Scheme

Become our STEAM Ambassador

Does your department or laboratory work on topics related to sustainable development such as renewable energy, climate disruption, resources depletion, pollution, biodiversity, food and wellbeing, sustainable cities or circular economy?

If so, you are eligible to help us in our mission to empower children, adults and the whole community to change their lifestyles now for a better future.

Free scheme

  • You will supply content e.g. relevant research summary
  • You will fact-check to ensure integrity is preserved
  • You will advertise our partnership on your websites and social media


Science, Education and Public Outreach

  • Adapt your research to wider audiences
  • Produce high quality educational material based on your work
  • Promote public awareness and understanding of your work
  • Disseminate your latest scientific findings
  • Contribute to science education
  • Stimulate an interest for your academic work
  • Inspire coming generations to embrace your speciality
  • Extend your professional network and academic recognition

Public Engagement

As our STEAM ambassador, we will offer you an exciting selection of workshops, conferences and events throughout the year:

  • Talks, lectures and conferences
  • Visits to primary and secondary schools
  • Workshops for teachers and/or students
  • Science fairs and networking events

If you are interested, please email us at contact@maintenant.org.uk to find out more about this opportunity.

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