• Biosphere Funbook

Biosphere Funbook


Extended learning about the Biosphere

The biosphere contains all the living things on planet Earth. As far as we know, we are the only planet to have a biosphere, making us extremely special.

Did you know that changes to the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere over time have guided the evolution of animal lungs and affected the size of land animals and that when an organism disappears from a food chain, it changes the energy flow through an ecosystem.

You can learn about this and much more in our interactive Biosphere Funbook!

Our resource packs encourage thinking skills including logic and creativity. They contain a range of activities, starting with relatively simple tasks and leading to higher level skills such as creative writing and graph analysis.

Activities include:

  • Science Projects
  • True or False quiz
  • Word Searches
  • Fabulous Facts
  • Origami Chatterbox (see instruction video below)
  • And much more...

To maximise the impact of learning we recommend that our DIVERSITY DECK® Funbooks are used alongside our DIVERSITY DECK® card games collection. Buying our games will enable us to produce more amazing and fun scientific material.

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Suitable for KS2

Animal diary competition

Deadline 31st July 2020

To enter the competition please follow the instructions on page 32 of the Biosphere Funbook.

The best 3 entries will receive a copy of the amazing Biosphere DIVERSITY DECK® card game.

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