Courses and resources for our teachers and educators to teach about the climate crisis and a sustainable future

A vibrant and stimulating community for educators to teach our world to thrive

The brand-new ECO HUB provides bitesize 5-10 min courses which become available on a regular basis enabling teachers to think about different topics and case studies in different ways and provide resources and videos to help.

In addition, we are creating a community of teachers swapping ideas and experiences in our community section. The website will be for our users, so we will be working alongside them and taking on board suggestions and feedback as we go. In addition, our “Positivity Corner” will be regularly updated with inspiring stories from the news, plus other schools and businesses who are taking the SDG’s on board and embedding them into their lives. These will provide class talking points and an opportunity to promote a positive image of our future.

The content is based on our belief that sustainability is universal and touches every aspect of our lives. We must be mindful of the consequences of our thoughts and actions. world is too interconnected and global and we need children who understand and recognise this to take this new mindset into the future.

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