• Pyramid solitaire

Pyramid solitaire

PYRAMID SOLITAIRE | Gripping solo entertainment!

Aim of the game | Get rid of all the cards

Before you start

How to play

  1. Place cards face up in a pyramid shape. Start with one card at the top and lay five rows. When you get to row 6 at the bottom, place all the cards face up. Keep the cards left in a pile.
  2. Match the cards by numbers (or by pictures for a trickier game). If you can pair them up, discard them. You can match more than 2 cards in one go.
  3. To free up a new card, the space below has to be cleared of cards, meaning no card is covering either side of the card above.
  4. When numbers (or pictures) can’t be matched, turn over one card from the pile. Go through the pile only once for a more challenging game.
  • PARRY | Discards a Calamity
  • CALAMITY | You lose, unless you

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