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  • Snaffle It

Snaffle It

Aim of the game

To win the most points.

Before you start

  • 6 years old +
  • 3+ players
  • Play with the Diversity Deck Cards

How to play

  1. Shuffle and deal all the cards.
  2. The first player plays a card.
  3. The other players must play a card from the same card group.
  4. The player who has the highest number wins.
  5. If players do not have a card from the same group, they discard any other card.
  6. Play until no more cards remain.
  7. Players total their points.
  8. The winner is the player with most points.

Parry: always wins, value 10 points.

Calamity: always loses, value 0 points.

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